Title: Manic MarinadeArtist: Chris FornesaMedia: Adobe...

General / 26 May 2017

Title: Manic Marinade

Artist: Chris Fornesa

Media: Adobe Illustrator file, ink, soy sauce, matte medium, and Bristol paper on canvas

Size: 24 x 24 inches

Description: This abstract piece was one of my hallmark projects in my Introduction to Digital Tools course at the University of Houston.  I began with a failed photo transfer, on which I decided to throw ink and soy sauce.  Afterwards, I pasted cardboard and leftover bristol paper from other projects on top and proceeded to utilize the drip technique as well as painting directly on the pieces of paper.  I created this piece to showcase the importance of traditional/indigenous materials, such as soy sauce, in Pinoy culture and to lay claim to the fact that Pinoy artists, queer/trans artists of color and disabled artists have a place in the scope of modern art, not simply as subject matters whose lives are meant to be fetishized.