Title: Space City TriptychArtist: Chris FornesaMedia: Adobe...

General / 26 May 2017

Title: Space City Triptych

Artist: Chris Fornesa

Media: Adobe Photoshop

Size: 3 images, 17″ x 11″ each

Description: A digital triptych I created for my Introduction to Digital Tools course.  With this project, I envisioned a terraformed reality in which we can escape from the troubles of our world.  The first piece is a city on the moon, with a backdrop of eternal twilight due to its proximity to the sun.  The second is a vibrant Martian city while the final one is a city on a moon orbiting Jupiter.

Title: Manic MarinadeArtist: Chris FornesaMedia: Adobe...

General / 26 May 2017

Title: Manic Marinade

Artist: Chris Fornesa

Media: Adobe Illustrator file, ink, soy sauce, matte medium, and Bristol paper on canvas

Size: 24 x 24 inches

Description: This abstract piece was one of my hallmark projects in my Introduction to Digital Tools course at the University of Houston.  I began with a failed photo transfer, on which I decided to throw ink and soy sauce.  Afterwards, I pasted cardboard and leftover bristol paper from other projects on top and proceeded to utilize the drip technique as well as painting directly on the pieces of paper.  I created this piece to showcase the importance of traditional/indigenous materials, such as soy sauce, in Pinoy culture and to lay claim to the fact that Pinoy artists, queer/trans artists of color and disabled artists have a place in the scope of modern art, not simply as subject matters whose lives are meant to be fetishized.

Title: Boredom (right) and Renewal (left) Artist: Chris...

General / 19 December 2016

Title: Boredom (right) and Renewal (left)

Artist: Chris Fornesa

Media: ink pen and colored pencil on paper (using Xacto knife and craft glue)

Description: Boredom was created during September and October 2016 during my junior year in college and was the result of various techniques and modes of experimentation. Renewal was simply drawn at the back of Boredom. However, both Boredom and Renewal were transformed using an Xacto knife and craft glue.

Date of Completion: December 2016

cftxp: Title: Seminal Figure Artist: Christopher...

General / 18 December 2016


Title: Seminal Figure

Artist: Christopher Fornesa

Media: charcoal and semen (mine) on paper

Description: An experimental work with my own semen on a charcoal drawing of the silhouette of my facial hair.

Date of Completion: Summer 2014

Title: Eyes Of An Old ManArtist: Christopher FornesaMedia:...

General / 07 September 2015

Title: Eyes Of An Old Man

Artist: Christopher Fornesa

Media: Graphite on paper

Description:  A drawing of the famed philosopher and writer, Walt Whitman (for school purposes). Truly an inspiration even in our day and age!

This piece won a first place medal at the Association of Christian Schools International Gulf Coast Regional Art Fair during Chris Fornesa’s eighth grade year.

Date of Completion: March 2008

Source: http://independent.artby.cf/gallery/910936#3

Title: IsolationArtist: Christopher FornesaSize and media: 9″ x...

General / 07 September 2015

Title: Isolation

Artist: Christopher Fornesa

Size and media: 9″ x 12″ charcoal on Canson paper

Description:  A psychological charcoal drawing created at a time during which the artist felt an extreme sense of loneliness and stigmatization from the world. This piece was created within a span of 24 hours.

Date of Completion: August 2014

Source: http://independent.artby.cf/gallery/911090#4

Title: Pursuit Of FreedomArtist: Christopher FornesaSize and...

General / 07 September 2015

Title: Pursuit Of Freedom

Artist: Christopher Fornesa

Size and media: Acrylic on canvas

Description:  An abstract painting which serves as a form of visual commentary with regards to the importance of activism to attain our individual goals as humans in a society as a collective.

Date Of Completion: October 2013

Source: http://independent.artby.cf/gallery/911088#2

Name: He Shall Be KnownArtist: Christopher FornesaSize and...

General / 26 August 2015

Name: He Shall Be Known

Artist: Christopher Fornesa

Size and media: Ink pen on 9″x12″ Canson paper

Description:  A psychological drawing in which the artist signals his desire to leave behind a positive legacy and lead a successful life, something which, no doubt, many people also wish to do. 24 hour drawing.

Source: http://independent.artby.cf/gallery/911090#5

Name: OminousArtist: Christopher FornesaSize and media:...

General / 26 August 2015

Name: Ominous

Artist: Christopher Fornesa

Size and media: Charcoal, ink, colored pencil, and graphite on 9″x12″ Canson paper

Description:  A montage scene depicted using ink, graphite, charcoal, and colored pencil.

Source: http://independent.artby.cf/gallery/911090

Name: LinesArtist: Christopher FornesaSize and media: Ink,...

General / 26 August 2015

Name: Lines

Artist: Christopher Fornesa

Size and media: Ink, gouache, graphite, and charcoal on cold-pressed illustration board

Description:  A piece created using gouache, charcoal, graphite, and ink. The real message is always between the lines.

Source: http://student.artby.cf/gallery/902147#7